Educational Background

Undergraduate in Game Development

I have studied in the Communication University of China (intra-nationally exchanged from North China University of Technology) for 3 years. During which I have participated in various campus activities, joined in many game jams and done a lot of course projects.

Game-dev Experiences

Jiao Hun, A first-person horror game

This is the graduation project of a senior schoolmate of mine made with Unity. I took the role of the system developer, that is, to sort out individual modules of the basic framework of the game program, providing a solid foundation for the level designers to build the game. The trailer video can be watched on YouTube.

Nani Core

I am currently working on my graduation game project, Nani Core where I took the role of the lead-and-only developer.

This is a 3D first-person puzzle game where there will be *loopshapes* around the world. As long as there is one, certain event can be triggered from the loopshape You can even fiddle around with things to create more loopshapes.

The game is not finished yet (as I'm still not graduated) so not all assets are published on GitHub. Feel free to contact me for an organization membership to have the access!

Social Activities

CUC Life Hack

I am the founder of this organization, which aims to make my schoolmate's campus lives easier.

Tech Along

My college has had very limited environment for students interested in tech-related fields to communicate, so I also founded this intra-campus society for discussing such topics.

A Medical Project

I was summoned by a professor of mine to participate in a medical project. It was meant for orthopaedic simulations to compensate the needs on medical teaching for areas with lower conditions.