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Nianyi Wang from Chongwen, Beijing, China. Greetings to anyone reading this text; here is my personal homepage.

Living in this era of information, the most convenient way to display oneself to the public is probably building oneselve's personal homepage. Though it might be challenging for anyone to accomplish, I decided to build my own anyway; how can I call myself a web developer if I can't handle such a simple website?

At 10 years old, a programmer friend of mine sent me a pirated copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. That was a great game. Not only did it give me a peek to the U.S. country, it also made me think "Wow, I want to make that!" I was told that C++ is the technique to make one's own game, so I went to the bookstore to find some manuals. It was a very thick C++ Primer Plus (the 6th Edition). This way, I started programming.

During my middle school ages, I was writing HTML and making static webpages; after entering college, I mainly focused on videogame development because that is my very major.

Beside of development, I have a wide range of hobbies. I study linguistics, mathematics, play Taiko no Tatujinn, listen to Eminem; rencently my music flavor has shifted into Japanese pop music of the Syowa era. Although I don't really know Japanese language, I can actually learn it from the lyrics. For more about my interests, checkout the bottom part of the homepage.

As a developer, I hope that my works can be used widely to improve people's life and help advance the human civilization; therefore I am devoted in making open softwares. All my personal projects are open for anyone. Visit my GitHub homepage to have a look at what I've done!

My contact information can be seen on the about page.


Game Dev

I majored in game developing in college.


I do not learn languages, I study their features.


Seek for the ultimate unity.

Knowledge Sharing

To pass the creativity.


Break the barrier; all humans shall share the world.

Social Activity

Try my best to improve people's lives.