Social Activity

It is my ideal to help people with my abilities and skills. I have been practising for this all the time.

Organizations I've Created

  • CUC Life Hack

    To make the lives of my schoolmates' in CUC easier.

  • Tech Along

    Study techs and improve yourself together along in CUC.

Projects I've Worked on

  • Common Website Portal for CUC

    Built for freshmen of CUC so that they don't have to ask around.

  • Cocktail Menu | PicaPica Bar

    It's a bar opened by a graduated CUC student around the campus. I made this online cocktail menu for them.

  • An orthopedic medical educating project.

    This is a private project and cannot be publicized in detail due to the confidentiality agreement. You can check out this lecture for a glance.

    The reason I join in this project is that medical really saves people.