Technical BOOM

This is my first ever try on videogame.

On the year that I entered college, just before the courses started, the principal of our Game Dept., Gong sir, announced on his hardfun.com that the Competition of Unreal Engine Game Creation of 2020 was starting. I didn't really have anything to do at the time, so I gathered 3 people I know: an illustrator classmate who happens to be a Furry, a senior schoolmate from the same major of mine and an old friend of mine who took the train all the way from Sichuan to make up a team and join in the competition.

The proposition of the competition is just Techical BOOM. All 3 of us besides of my senior schoolmate were all newbies to game development. Even I, the only very developer of the team, didn't even know anything about a game engine. So we decided to only make a small, simple enough game. A 2D scroll game featured with a short plot.

The game tells a story of a fantasy world of wasteland, where the protagonist is breaking out from the underground shelter to climb up to and explorer the mysterical Skyrim told in the tales.

Though the team was really broke (we didn't even have a designer!), to make the game not too plain, we had designed serveral interactable elements, such as:

  • Climable ladders
  • Springs that can eject the protagonist
  • Stone balls that can be pushed around
  • NPC with dialogues

These contents can be thought of awfully simple if viewed from a now perspective, but it was JUST complex enough for the past me.

To demonstrate the change in the vibe and the protagonist's feeling through out the journey, our artist had designed a background that gradually changes its theme regarding the height. The higher you climb, the darker the background is. The sky would darken completely as you approach to the Skyrim.

It took us 3 days of hard work to make it into reality, and here is a video walkthrough: ↓