She Has Been

This is the 2nd group assignment for our Game Creation course. We were to make an actually-digital game. (No, not an actual digital-game.)

So, the first digitalized practice. I was quite excited about it. But the course was really pushing, the assignments were on a per-week frequency. I barely knew any game engines by that time (though I've learned some basic Unreal in the previous project); and even if I really knew any, all my collaborators are new to the industry as well, there was no way that they can produce game-ready assets in just one week. So I decided to follow my skills: to make a short game in a webpage with HTML.

Viewed from now, the game was really broke. It failed to deliver even a complete story plot.

The plot was like:

The protagonist girl is studying in a college in BJ, and is annoyed by some shit people in real life, so she went nagging on her social media timeline. Surprisingly her posts are seen by a old friend of hers, who happens to be coming to BJ. They decide to meet up to discuss how to deal with those shit people.

(That's all.)

I have been interested in visual tricks for long, I meant those optical illusions and such. As a freshman developer, I didn't know how hard "special visual effects" could be, I wanted to make something like a director's storyboard: There would be many windows hollowed on the screen; each one of them contains a unique view, sort of like those portals you can see in Doctor Strange.

And then we have the banner picture on top of the page. (Every storyboard are really dynamic and has their own perspectives!)

It was so, so hard to develop all these features with CSS in HTML. I had to pull 3 all-nighters to make a just-working program framework. And all of the story logics are hard-written in the scripts, making them unable to be extended/modified.

It was all due to my lack of experience. If I were to remaster it, I would do a much better job. But still, it's unfair to judge the past me with the current standard.

Lastly, I've put all the codes & assets in my GitHub repository, it's been archived. Or if you want to try it out online, visit the auto-hosted Github Pages.