This is just a project for fun, though it was meant to be an entry for a small private game jam hosted by a community in my college. The gamejam is pretty short, it was only open for 24 hours. I had made up a team of 3 person: I myself, one artist, one designer; but all other people fleed before the jam started due to personal business, and I was on a vacation in Xi'an in my roommate's house, so basically this project had became my personal "3hrs game dev dash after dinner". All the assets and levels are designed are created by myself, so the final result is reaaaaally dumb and funny. (lol)

The project is developed with PlayCanvas, a game engine very similar to Unity, but web-based.

Link to the project: https://playcanvas.com/project/797658/overview/-imagine

Is PlayCanvas running out of money... Why can't I open my project anymore......