This is not a game. This is the final solution to all those problems of Win32-related game frameworks. It has the following features:

  • Platform opaqueness

    All APIs are irrelevant to any platform-specific types or interfaces. This means that the framework can be implemented and compiled upon any platforms, and upstream developers will never have to worry about what platform they are working upon.

  • Upstream generality

    This framework is designed to be general. This means that it does not contain any pre-determined application-specific logics, and is suitable for development of most types of applications.

  • Window management

    Create any many windows as you wish! The platform will automatically handles the incoming system events.

  • A flexible event system

    The framework allows you to fire or broadcast any type of custom event based on the type ID you provide.

    Events from the underlying OS will be parsed into framework-level events.

  • Scene & hierarchy management

    Create any many scenes and switch between them; create individual game objects in a scene and they will exist on their own; attach functional components on game objects to make the game "alive".

  • 2D graphics rendering

    • Vector shapes
    • Bitmap textures
      • Sprites
  • 3D graphics rendering

    Render 3D models with OpenGL shaders!

All codes are available in the Github repository.