SASS is Crap

I was maintaining this blog website as usual, and I noticed that there was an new release of Node, so I upgraded it, then the package node-sass started complaining that it is not compatible with ^v16. I was left no choice but to roll back. After I deleted the node_modules directory and was trying to reinstall every dependency with npm i, the following errors popped out:

Ain't it just painful to watch...

I googled for that gyp term, and it turns out to be this:

That seems to be a beautiful ideal, however:

Further investigation shows that it's a dependency of node-sass. Fuck that I have just gotten along well with SCSS! But a crap is a crap, I'll have to solve it. So I went to look for SASS alternatives. Internet gave me two options: Less & Stylus, and I went for the latter. Turns out it worked out great: its grammar is pretty similar to SASS, and overall is compatible with SCSS, just that I'll have to rewrite some variable definitions.

Conclusion: Don't use SASS.